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Bushman insect repellentMade in Australia since 1990

Since 1990 Bushman Insect Repellent has been protecting outdoor professionals, sporting enthusiasts and overseas travellers from blood-seeking, disease carrying Insects.

Repels: Mosquitoes · Sandflies · Midges · Leeches ·
Sand Fleas · No-See-Ums · Marchflies · Horseflies · Stableflies · Blackflies · Bird Lice · Ticks · Gnats · Fleas .........

With up to 15 hours* protection from one single application, Bushman stands out as the most effective, longest lasting insect repellent available. It even feels great and smells nice, making Bushman very user friendly. Made in Australia, Bushman Repellents are now exported to 24 Countries. For maximum protection from mosquito borne diseases such as Malaria, Ross River Fever, Dengue Fever, West Nile Fever and Eastern Equine Encephalitis...

There is only one choice…
Bushman Insect Repellent
Proven Safe and Effective since 1990

Bushman Plus personal insect repellent
Bushman personal insect repellent

Bushman Plus Aerosol

  • Non Greasy
  • Light scent
  • Water resistant
  • Built in sunscreen
  • Sprays upside down

Bushman Aerosols have all been specially formulated to provide lasting protection from biting and annoying insects while remaining unnoticeable on the skin. Just a light spray on exposed skin and where clothing fits tightly to the body will provide hours of protection. In addition, Bushman Aerosols feature a unique formulation that is non greasy, smells nice and is the first and only aerosol repellent with built-in sunscreen for added protection.

Bushman Heavy Duty Aerosol

  • Professional strength
  • Non greasy
  • Low odour
  • Sprays upside down
  • Shelf life of 6+ years
  • Water and rub resistant

Bushman ‘Heavy Duty’ Aerosols are 'over 200% stronger' than any other aerosol repellent. Outdoor professionals, sports & tradespeople often need a repellent that is super tough & very long lasting. This formula combines the staying power and resilience of Bushman DryGels in an easy to apply spray. Excellent water•sweat•rub resistance insures that no matter how bad the bugs, you will be protected for hours longer than with any other spray-on or roll-on repellent.

Bushman Plus Dry Gel insect repellent

Bushman Dry Gel

  • Ultra dry and non greasy
  • Very low odour
  • Heavy duty
  • Water resistant
  • SPF 15+ sunscreen
  • Shelf life of 6+ years

Bushman ‘Heavy Duty’ & ‘Plus’ Gels contain our proven ‘DRYGEL’ technology. This means that when applied to your skin they quickly dry to a point where you are no longer aware of them, but the bugs certainly are. Now you can enjoy longer lasting protection from bloodseeking insects.

Bushman Anti- Itch Gel

Bushman Anti-Itch Gel

Our Anti-Itch gel was developed as a fast working
solution to insect bites.

Whilst our insect-repellents are highly effective we sometimes
find that due to 'user error' –i.e. poor application or ignoring
coverage time intervals –people do still get bitten.

Utilising our knowledge of insects and human reaction to
them we formulated the 'Anti-Itch' gel which quickly sooths
and reduces irritation


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