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Schrade knives since 1904

The Schrade Old Timer name has been around for over 100 years. Over the years this brand has earned the reputation for toughness and reliability. About 2 years ago the original Schrade went bakrupt and after it's collapse all assets were sold off to pay creditors. These assets were sold off to a number of companies. Taylor Cutlery in U.S.A. purchased the rights to the name and models- they did not buy the company or stock and cannot do warranty on the old models.

The new knives are made with better updated U.S. machinery and upgraded components. The steel is 440C high Carbon Stainless steel with a rockwell hardness of 59-60. Taylor Cutlery has gone to great pains to maintain the quality and improve on it. They have thier own production control and the finalised product is better than ever. Schrade, Old Timer, Uncle Henry, X Timer, Schrade Badger, Scrade Lightweight are all stocked by Pacific Rim Distributors for your convenience. We carry the warranty on knives we sell.

Schrade Oldtimer 104OT
108OTW 2 3/4" Junior Desert wood
Schrade Horse Pick Knife
Old Timer knife 108OT
Schrade PHW skinner
Schrade PH2W knife
8OTW 4" Senior Dessert wood
Old Timer knife 18OT
77OT 4" Muskrat
Schrade Oldtimer knife 29OT
77OTW 4" Muskrat Wood
Old timer knife 3OT Bearhead
Schrade Oldtimer 12OT
Old Timer knife 6OT
Schrade 6OTW
Old Timer knife 7OT
Old Timer knife 33OT
33OT 3 5/16" Middleman Jack knife
Old Timer knife 8OT
Old Timer knife 34OT
Old Timer knife 152OT
Old Timer knife 15OT
Schrade Oldtimer knife 51OT
Old Timer knife 94OT
Old Timer knife 96OT
Old Timer knife 97OT
Old Timer knife 194OT
4OT Old Timer
Schrade 5OT
Schrade 19OT
Schrade 8OTY
Schrade 25OT
Old Timer knife 141OT
Schrade Oldtimer 1140OT
147OT Pro fisherman with sheath
Schrade Oldtimer knife 1141OT
Schrade Oldtimer knife 1141OTO Orange
Schrade Oldtimer knife 1142OT

At Pacific Rim Distributors we supply re-sellers Schrade knives, Smith and Wesson knives, Old Timer knives, Armytek torches, Inova LED lights, Accusharp knife and tool sharpeners, Maglite torches, United Cutlery knives swords and fantasy knives, Asp Batons, Gerber knives, Bear Grylls knives, Winchester knives, Silva Compasses and headlights, Protecta lubricant, Glo Write signs, Bushman Repellent.


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